Dedicated to Ice Hockey players of African heritage who have been drafted by or played in the NHL. This exhibit is a work in progress, and is not yet comprehensive. Additional players are being added as they are discovered. Every attempt is made to verify players' ethnicity, draft date, and or NHL teams for which they played. Sources include,, Breaking the Ice, and the Black Ice Project. Players are arranged in order of birth year from left to right by row.Bonus Video Page. To help maintain the Wall and provide future enhancements, please consider making a donation of any amount by clicking the button in the upper left corner of this page.

willieeldonoree_small.jpg billriley_small.jpg michaeledgarmckegney_small.jpg mikerobertmarson_small.jpg berniesaunders_small.jpg valedwinjames_small.jpg
tonysyiidmckegney_small.jpg raymatthewneufeld_small.jpg dirkmiltongraham_small.jpg brianjohnson_small.jpg darrenlowe_small.jpg stevenfletcher_small.jpg
grantfuhr_small.jpg claudevilgrain_small.jpg eldonpokeywadereddick_small.jpg pauljerrard_small.jpg mikemchugh_small.jpg graemescotttownshend_small.jpg
darrenalexanderbanks_small.jpg ianboyce_small.jpg jeffadamlazaro_small.jpg brucecoles_small.jpg donmartin_small.jpg chrisnelson_small.jpg
patrikerickson_small.jpg reggiedsavage_small.jpg craigmartin_small.jpg jasonfirth_small.jpg daleacraigwell_small.jpg johncraighead_small.jpg
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