Dedicated to Ice Hockey players of African heritage who have been drafted by or played in the NHL. This exhibit is a work in progress, and is not yet comprehensive. Additional players are being added as they are discovered. Every attempt is made to verify players' ethnicity, draft date, and or NHL teams for which they played. Sources include,, Breaking the Ice, and the Black Ice Project. Players are arranged in order of birth year from left to right by row.Bonus Video Page. To help maintain the Wall and provide future enhancements, please consider making a donation of any amount by clicking the button on our home page.

derekjoslin_small.jpg chrisstewart_small.jpg theopeckham_small.jpg kyleokposo_small.jpg viktorsjodin_small.jpg waynesimmonds_small.jpg
akimaliu_small.jpg pernellkarlsubban_small.jpg darrenarchibald_small.png jordansamuelsthomas_small.jpg jtbrown_small.jpg evanderkane_small.jpg
sebastianlanceowuya_small.jpg austinedwardlevi_small.jpg yasincisse_small.jpg devantesmithpelly_small.jpg emersonetem_small.jpg christophergibson_small.jpg
malcolmsubban_small.jpg cristovalnieves_small.jpg travisbrown_small.jpg gemelsmith_small.jpg tyrellgoulbourne_small.jpg sethjones_small.jpg
darnellnurse_small.jpg justinbailey_small.jpg jordansubban_small.jpg jonathandiaby_small.jpg nickbaptiste_small.jpg anthonyduclair_small.jpg
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